Bye Bye Froscon

This was the last time I did a presentation at Froscon. When answering the CFP I said that I need IPv6. I was promised IPv6. But there was now IPv6 besides FE80 in the wireless lan. So no working network, no live demo. Sad, because there where many cool people around and Froscon is realy nice but when they don’t keep what they promise they should not ask me next year. And hey, it’s 2016. I

I’m not sure wehter I’m going there tomorrow or just take the next train home.

My lawyer advised me not to say in public what I think about people not using IPv6 in their university / company network. Some years ago I offered to support implementing IPv6 before Froscon for free but I guess the answers I got could fill a row at IPv6 Bingo.

I’m old

I just update my bio on the Froscon website an noticed that I’m getting paid for system and network administration for 20 year.

BTW: I’m giving a presentation at this years Froscon about automating Icinga2 (e.g. using Ansible/Puppet for deployment and the API for managing your monitoring config).

The Phoenix Project

The advantage of not having a project right now is that I can catch up on my reading.

A couple of day ago I finished The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win.

Bill Palmer is freshly promoted head of IT operations. He runs into many problems most of you will know: People not talking to each other, processes that and tools that are too complicated to use, people just doing what they think is is right, gurus with no time to document things.

The book shows Bills way from total chaos to a productive work

BTW: I started using Kanban for myself two weeks ago (again). I’ll add a post about this after a month of using it.


some one showed me a nice way to see the weather report for the next day.Just use curl Replace txl with your airport code or city name.

Also works in a GUI web browser but everybody can do that. 😉